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Vanbo Glass Industries Inc is located in Surrey, BC, Canada. The company is close to Highway 10 (5 minutes to Highway 1 and 99), a very convenient location. 

The manufacturing facilities of Vanbo Glass include the latest generation of tempered glass production line, automatic insulating glass production line, advanced laminated glass production lines, automatic high-speed grinding machine, and the most advanced screen printing and processing center. We can produce tempered glass, insulating glass, laminated glass, and screen-printed glass, etc. We are fully capable of providing high quality glass products and best service. 

Insulating Glass Product 1
Insulating Glass Product 2

Products & Service

Serving the Greater Vancouver area for many years, we have rich experience in glass installation design and diversified services. Take a look at some of our previous customer stories

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Professional Service

We provide one-stop service for glass design and installation. All products have been inspected and approved by the government. We provide measure, quality underwriting, and services in Greater Vancouver

Screen Printed Glass Product 2

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