Tempered Glass

Tempered Glass Product 6

In order to provide high-quality tempered glass, the company uses the latest generation of convection tempering lines, which can greatly shorten the heating time of glass, improve production efficiency, and minimize the defects caused by rollers on the glass surface and reduce The bending, warping and hot streaks of the glass make the tempered glass the best condition.

The company uses the most advanced automated high-precision equipment to ensure the perfect docking of each process. The company has introduced:

  • High-precision automatic cutting line can cut any irregular size, and the error range is controlled within + -0.15mm.
  • Fully automatic high-speed double-side grinding, accuracy can reach + 0.2mm, fast speed and large output.
  • The most advanced machining center can dig and grind any notches and holes in the glass.
  • A new generation of convection tempering line with a maximum tempering size of 80 * 208.

Our tempered glass has been certified by the Safety Glass Certification Committee and complies with ANSIZ97.1 and ASTM1048 standards.